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The Elizabeth English Academy – Scuola Di Inglese – Pisa

Piazza Giuseppe Toniolo, 4, 56125 Pisa PI

The Elizabeth English Academy – Scuola Di Inglese – Pisa

We are an independent learning association, offering both international primary education in English and courses for English as a second language.

Families choose The Elizabeth English academy for many reasons; fundamentally they know that their child will achieve his/her very best here, that he/she will develop confidence, and most importantly, will be happy at school.  We cater effectively for very different children, from girls and boys who thrive on academic study to those who love sport; children from different cultural backgrounds will feel at home here.  Our curriculum is broad and our ethos is exceptionally inclusive.  We are not results-driven but aim to add value to the achievements of all and we genuinely value each pupil  for  their own unique qualities.

Our effective methods enable our pupils to achieve highly within a supportive and nurturing environment allowing them to develop inner confidence and self-belief; they feel good about themselves and consequently go on to surpass expectations.